Premium Shield® is a practically indestructible 8 mil thick optically clear, urethane film that provides protection for vehicles from small rocks and road debris that could chip or damage the paint on the front of the vehicle. Guaranteed for life against fading, cracking and orange peel it offers superior protection on all painted surfaces, ranging from motor vehicles, to RV’s, motorcycles, boats and trucks and is now the OEM provider for Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and VW. (SEE PREMIUM SHIELD PRICING GUIDE)

ResistAll is the leader in professionally applied and warranted automotive protection products. Cal-Tex provides ResistAll coverage terms of 5 or 7 years for both new and pre owned vehicles. The program does not require paying for the product and stocking kits. We can even have their best in the industry point of purchase materials custom designed for your dealership. Once established, a dealer may provide renewable contracts for the life of the vehicle generating solid long-term cash flow.