LEASE LOCK – Protect This Deal

In the event of a total loss, you will need a new vehicle.  Most lease contracts include GAP coverage which will pay off whatever is owed on the car, but it doesn’t cover whatever money or trade equity you put down to get to your desired payment.  Furthermore, vehicles get more expensive every year and leasing programs typically change every 30 days, so the monthly payment you are getting today will more than likely be less than the payment on a comparable vehicle down the road.

LEASE LOCK provides customers peace of mind knowing that in the event of a total loss you will get up to an additional $7,500 to put towards a new lease, to keep your monthly payments the same on the newest version of the car you leased without coming up with any additional money and regardless of how the pricing and lease programs have changed.

No one plans on an accident, but they happen.  If one happened in the next 3 months, would you have another lease down payment ready?  The most common answer from customers is, NO!  So, this low-cost program helps protect your purchase today, and quite possibly, your next one.