Apollo Dealer Services assists dealers in maximizing sales and profitability. We also implement policies and procedures that enhance legal compliance and customer satisfaction.

We have experienced professionals who work with every member of your team. From the General Manager and/or Dealer Principal, to establish goals for the dealership and/or organization, to the Sales Consultants and Service Writers without whom any dealership would grind to a halt, and everyone in between.

Our goal with all of our dealer clients is to make sure they not just survive, but thrive in this economic environment and it’s important that dealers look beyond the “well this is the way we’ve always done it” and look for ways to reduce costs and increase per transactional profitability.

Apollo Dealer Services

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Email: info@apollodealerservices.com

“Our company’s biggest strengths are the training and personal service you receive from me and our team of experienced automotive retail veterans.”

– Ilya M. Shnayder, President

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