Protect Yourself with Apollo Excessive Wear and Tear Protection (EWT)

Leasing a car should be a carefree and enjoyable alternative to the responsibilities of auto ownership.

Lease agreements hold you financially responsible for the condition of your vehicle’s interior and exterior at the time of turn in.

Apollo EWT helps relieve you of this unwanted expense.

Annually there are over half a BILLION dollars in Excess Wear & Tear charges assessed to lease holders!  Protect yourself against these charges with Apollo Excess Wear and Tear Protection.

Auto Insurance pays for certain types of damage to your vehicle. However, your auto insurance does not pay for excess wear and tear – YOU DO! Protect yourself against these charges with Excess Wear and Tear Protection.

Typical wear and tear charges:

  • Dents
  • Scratches & Chipped Paint
  • Chipped Glass
  • Interior Stains
  • Tires
  • Lenses – Head Lamps, Rear Lamps & Fog Light
  • Wheels & Wheel Covers
  • Missing Car Manual or Keys (if charges are $100 or less per item)
  • Stone Bruises, Sand Damage & Pits

Apollo EWT provides peace of mind with excess wear & tear coverage up to $5,000.