In the midst of the current hard market cycle, independent insurance agency owners are navigating a challenging landscape. With record price increases in premiums and stricter underwriting guidelines from carriers, your clients may be grappling not so much with coverage adequacy or complexity, but with sheer cost. Understanding this backdrop and deploying effective client retention strategies are key for agencies to thrive, rather than merely survive (or falter).

Prioritizing Clients in a Challenging Environment
In this environment, retaining clients will be the linchpin for success. That means being attuned to their needs and concerns and proactively employing solid communication strategies.

  • Build strong relationships. Deepen connections with clients to foster trust and loyalty.
  • Stay ahead of concerns. Be informed about the current market dynamics, preparing to address any client inquiries with both clarity and understanding.
  • Maintain open communication. Clearly explain policy details and the reasons behind changes in premium costs.
  • Use client data proactively. Employ your agency management system to identify potential issues early. Analyze data to pinpoint and prioritize clients who might be most affected and reach out to them before they come to you with concerns.
  • Listen actively. Make clients feel understood and acknowledged. Their loyalty is built on trust.

Reasons Behind the Rise
Proactively informing your clients about the state of the market, the reasons for stricter underwriting guidelines and price hikes can foster trust and transparency. Communicating often and early can help prepare clients before any potential sticker shock. Consider these vital points to help explain the current conditions:

  • The rising cost of goods and services affects all industries, insurance included.
  • As the cost to replace or repair assets increases, so does the insurance cost.
  • An uptick in the number or size of claims can influence prices, even if the client has not had any claims. These can be due to regional weather events, a rise in auto accidents, increased litigation and other factors impacting carrier profitability.
  • While supply chain issues and labor shortages are improving, we are not out of the woods. It may take longer to replace or repair property or auto damage. These disruptions are causing costs to rise for insurance companies, leading to increased premiums.

Now, more than ever, is the time to position your agency as not just a service provider, but as a trusted partner. By understanding the intricacies of the hard market and maintaining open, proactive communication, you stand to strengthen your agency’s resilience and deepen client relationships.

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