Commercial Coverages

Commercial & Ride Share Coverage

Many manufacturers and most service contract providers specifically exclude commercial use and rideshare from coverage so if your dealership sells vehicles to real estate and/or insurance agents, electricians, plumbers, builders, contractors, businesses and/or business owners, Uber or Lyft drivers or anyone else who uses their vehicle for work purposes “standard” vehicle coverage may not cover them.  Apollo Automotive Administrators has a full suite of products designed for specifically for commercial use vehicles such as Vehicle Service Contracts with specific commercial use allowances, GAP including medium duty and heavy duty usage, Tire and Wheel coverage and more.  We provide coverage for all of the following commercial usages:

  • Pushing, pulling or hauling material of any kind
  • Farming or ranching
  • Route work
  • Job site activities
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Snow plow coverage
  • Vehicles lettered up to promote a business
  • Vehicles titled or registered to a business
  • Rideshare (Uber, Lyft etc.)