Folks, I have exciting news. 

National Comp and R&I have come together to launch a brand-new award that builds on our former Teddy Award’s 30+ year legacy of honoring employers in their quest for workers’ comp excellence.  

The Theo Award, like our former Teddy Award, which we are retiring after decades of stalwart service, will honor employers achieving undeniable success in their workers’ comp programs. Like Teddy, Theo seeks for employers with a commitment to preventing injuries, and to providing the best possible care to injured workers. Like Teddy, Theo’s mission is to call out and celebrate the employers who are scoring wins through the solutions, programs and ideas they implement.  

And like Teddy, Theo also has an educational mission: to learn from all of those inspiring employers, to understand how they overcame challenges, to learn what worked (and what didn’t), and to share those lessons with the rest of the workers’ comp industry. 

Here’s where they differ: The Teddy Award sought employers that could demonstrate proven success across the entirety of their workers’ comp programs. That’s a big ask, and I have tremendous respect for every single employer who has met that mark over the years.  

The Theo Award, however, seeks to honor every proven success, in any area of an employer’s injury prevention or workers’ compensation program. With Theo, we don’t ask for every box to be checked. No boxes, just solutions.  

And where Teddy’s focus was weighted toward the solutions that were broadly transferrable across industries and program sizes, Theo will widen the scope, opening the award up to the industry specific challenges each organization faces, as well as the broadly transferrable solutions for the problems we all face. 

Last but not least, Theo will spotlight a lot more of the solutions that deserve to be shared, covering a broad range of challenges and outcomes across industries.  

And here’s why: We can far better serve this award’s educational mission if we can access the whole landscape of workers’ comp successes that are happening every day. There were always more incredible lessons that were worth sharing … but outside of Teddy’s sphere.  

With the Theo Award, we seek to tap into every layer, every success story, every aspect of the work that is driving employers – and the industry as a whole – forward.  

Theo has just three questions for you. What was the problem? How did you solve it? What was the outcome? 

I am excited to launch The Theo Award, I’m proud of Theo’s mission, and I can’t wait to hear your success stories. &

To apply for The 2024 Theo Award or to nominate an organization, visit the National Comp website, 

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