Automotive Industry Hot Topics with CAR President and CEO, Alan Amici –  (10/06/2023)

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 Tech & Safety:


Alan’s thoughts:

Safety systems that assist drivers are most valuable when thoughtfully integrated into the vehicle. Systems that are reliable, minimize false positives, and utilize an intuitive driver interface offer the best chance of saving lives or reducing injuries. Even the most basic systems such as rear cameras, require defect-free components, proper assembly, and robust design to ensure reliability. As systems become more complex, the challenge of ensuring a reliable system increases. For the industry to best serve its consumers, automakers should cooperate with data sharing for safety systems.  Commonizing driver interfaces can improve consumer awareness and trust. Sharing corner cases for AVs can help accelerate industry learning without ceding competitiveness. It is time to “zoom out” and capture the bigger picture of saving lives. 


Third Quarter Reports & UAW Strike: 


Alan’s thoughts:

A robust Q3 for US auto sales shows healthy demand for ICE, hybrid, and EVs. However, Q4 for the Detroit 3 does not look good as a result of the ongoing UAW strike. In the meantime, Toyota, Hyundai, Rivian, and Tesla keep rolling along. Households affected by the strike are tightening their belt to preserve savings while facing a strike with an uncertain endpoint. Automakers and suppliers are also experiencing repercussions, as revenue dries up while plants are idled. Tier 2 and 3 suppliers, operating without the benefit of deep pockets, are doing their best to gut this out. It is time to reach a new labor agreement and get back to the business at hand of designing and building competitive, worldclass vehicles.  


Alan Amici

President & CEO

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