Automotive Industry Hot Topics with CAR President and CEO, Alan Amici –  (04/12/2024)

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Baltimore Bridge Collapse:

Alan’s thoughts:

The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse has caused automakers to develop workarounds to maintain a steady supply of incoming parts as well as vehicle shipments. The Baltimore Port is the largest US port for import/export of vehicles, handling 847,000 vehicles (State of Maryland data) last year. Some automakers will be affected more than others. Supply chain professionals at each of the OEMs are analyzing inventory and working to secure alternative shipping channels to keep plants running and dealerships stocked. 

Disruptions such as the Key Bridge collapse are nearly impossible to predict. Supply chain professionals must navigate uncertainty, whether in the form of natural disasters, pandemics, or shipping accidents. Lessons learned from the pandemic have reinvigorated supply chain contingency planning and brought into focus the importance of supply chain resiliency. 


Hybrids Surge Past EVs: 

Alan’s thoughts:

Sales of hybrid vehicles have rebounded recently, providing a sales boost to companies with hybrid offerings. EV sales are still growing with an impressive year-over-year increase of 54%. Battery power remains the primary choice of propulsion for the long term.  

Interesting questions to be answered: 

  • Will the demand for hybrids make a dent in sales of Tesla’s EV-only portfolio in the near term?  
  • How rapidly must the charging system infrastructure grow to reduce charging anxiety? 
  • When will we see low-cost EV sedans in the US market? 

“We know the EV market is not going to grow linearly,” said Paul Jacobson, CFO of GM. Most people like to see nice, smooth growth curves but the reality is that significant inflection points, such as those the auto industry is experiencing, create uncertainty and risk. The best-run companies can react quickly when the market doesn’t match the forecast. We’re seeing some of that here. 


Hydrogen Powered Trucks:  

Alan’s thoughts:

Hydrogen (H2) as a fuel source for longhaul trucking appears promising. Much depends on the infrastructure and availability of environmentally friendly hydrogen production. H2 fuel cell vehicles offer the promise of diesel-quick refueling. Competition with EV propulsion continues as advanced battery cell chemistry seeks to reduce weight, while customers contemplate new hub and spoke logistics configurations customized for expected EV range. 




Alan Amici

President & CEO

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